The Nature Conservancy wanted a provocative campaign that asked people what the "future of nature" will be, while using options that appear to be less than ideal, each seeming to always come at the expense of the other. I arrived at the idea of using checkboxes to enforce the decision-making of the viewer. However, visitors to the landing page learn that they might not have to choose at all–that a healthy economy and a healthy natural world might both be possible. The campaign included print ads, a landing page, digital banners, subway signs and posters, city information panels, bus shelter units, and billboards. Created while I was an art director at Kemp Goldberg Partners. Location photographs by Matthew Robbins Photography.
Expansion of Globe Turnout Gear's print ad campaign for annual trade show. Items included multiple posters, banners, kick panels, outdoor signage, and other printed material. Created while I was an art director at Industrium.
Maine Winter Sports wanted posters to promote two longtime ski resorts and I was asked by their agency to work on this project. I commissioned the legendary Ken Laager to paint the illustrations, and I gave the posters a vintage type treatment to reinforce the historic nature of these two mountains and resorts.
Posters showcasing different brews and events for Sebago Brewing Co. Created while I was an art director at Industrium.
Proposed posters to promote InterMed's Urgent Care facility, to be placed in various InterMed locations. Created while I was an art director at Industrium.
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