CD digipak design for Bryan Dunn's Sweetheart of the Music Hall. Bryan wanted this to feel like a pulp noir book cover. Glen Orbik was commissioned to provide a painting in the style he used for Hard Case Crime books. The models were an employee of a club in NYC where Bryan frequently plays, and the musician himself. I designed the inside panels to resemble a title page and table of contents, to further mimic a worn paperback book. Incidentally, Glen's artwork for this was picked up by Hard Case Crime and used on an unrelated paperback cover.
CD digipak design for Invert's The Strange Parade. All photographs by me, except for the shot of the band playing their instruments.
CD wallet design for Mahadev's My Heart Is Pierced. Images are from the Black Sun Series by Jackie Woods.
I have had a relationship with Smithsonian Folkways for many years and have been able to design dozens of CD packages for them. Below are some of the booklet covers.
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